Welcome to the USA Pavilion at SIAL Paris 2022

Dear Food Industry Executive:

The Office of Agricultural Affairs of the American Embassy in Paris would like to welcome you to the Official USA Pavilion at SIAL Paris 2022.

The USA Pavilion features a wide range of food and beverage products, representative of the quality and innovative products available from the United States. This directory will serve as your walking guide to the USA Pavilion, providing the names of the exhibitors, their website, product offerings, and their business ambitions in France and beyond.

We welcome any questions you may have and are ready to assist all buyers in sourcing products featured here in the USA Pavilion as well as other products from the United States. Please contact the Office of Agricultural Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Paris at agparis@fas.usda.gov.

The USA Pavilion is yours to explore. Sample, ask questions, and be inspired!


David Leishman
Agricultural Counselor
Office of Agricultural Affairs
U.S. Embassy, Paris
Featured Exhibitors
All Exhibitors
Products & Services
Alcoholic Beverages 6
Association / Government 11
Bakery 16
Candies and Chocolates 10
Canned and Preserved Products 8
Catering / Foodservice Products 12
Coffees / Teas 5
Confectionary, Biscuits, Pastry 14
Dairy / Eggs 8
Dried Fruits 9
Frozen Grocery 7
Frozen Meat, Poultry, Seafood 14
Frozen Vegetables / Fruits 9
Fruits and Vegetables 4
Gluten Free 25
Gourmet and Fine Food 14
Grains and Cereals 19
Grocery Products 25
Halal 22
Ingredients and Additives 20
Kosher 30
Meat 11
Natural / Dietetic / Health Products 26
Non-alcohol Beverages 9
Nuts 27
Organic Products 31
Pasta 3
Peanut Butter 8
Popcorn 10
Poultry 8
Pulses / Legumes 11
Ready Food 5
Rice and Grains 7
Sauces and Dressings 14
Seafood 5
Services 7
Snacks 29
Soda / Juice 10
Spice / Condiments 12